Canceled Holiday 4.0 - (5 fl. oz bottle)

Canceled Holiday 4.0 - (5 fl. oz bottle)

Evoking the cherished flavors that transport you back to those festive, childhood memories, Canceled Holiday 4.0 is the return of our much-loved seasonal sauce! Canceled Holiday 4.0 is characterized by a harmonious blend of roasted garlic and a trio of caramelized onions, creating a deep savory profile that is simply irresistible. Experience a comforting wave of heat that follows, courtesy of carefully roasted habanero peppers. Honey Tangerines, along with the freshness of cranberries and Honey Crisp apples beautifully cut through the natural sweetness of real maple syrup and the blend of grilled yellow, white and red onions. The addition of slow-roasted bell peppers adds depth, rounding out the delicate infusion of our Holiday Spice blend. This captivating medley of spices includes cloves, ginger, cinnamon, and real vanilla, making every drop a nuanced celebration of the season. With meticulous attention to detail, we've made subtle refinements to our already exceptional recipe, ensuring that Canceled Holiday 4.0 stands as the pinnacle of our seasonal favorites. This edition of Canceled Holiday ensures a delightful addition to your culinary experiences, destined to shine during holiday celebrations yet seamlessly integrate into your everyday meals in the coming year . Get ready to savor the magic of the season with Canceled Holiday 4.0 – a hot sauce that encapsulates the spirit of joy and indulgence.

Heat level; 6/10
This listing is for 1 (one) - 5 fl. oz bottle

Ingredients: bell peppers, onion, garlic, habanero peppers, cranberries, tangerine, apples, carrot, tangerines, vanilla, maple syrup, spices, salt, olive oil, MSG, xanthan gum, vinegar, brown sugar